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January 7, 2016

Mada Boutique

Peyton Cardigan

Recently I was contacted on Instagram by a lovely boutique called Mada Boutique and asked if they could do a sort of collab with me.  I got to try on a bunch of their clothes and do a fun shoot with one of the sisters who happens to also be a photographer.

Audrey Blazer
Mada Boutique is an online clothing store based out of Edmonton.  Their clothes are amazing and they pride themselves on having tasteful, practical and wearable clothes.  Their fabrics are durable and great quality.

Kate T
They have a variety of different items ranging from coats to tops to accessories and are constantly updating their stock.  Feel free to head over to their Instagram and website and take a look at their clothes.

Michele Top
As I mentioned, all photos were taken by Danielle Lucier, if you're located in Edmonton be sure to check out her website here.

Kylie Shirt
We only got a few looks shooting on the street, it was something I've never done before.. having someone else take photos of me or me "modelling" (if you could even call it that)  But it was so much fun and I'm all about trying new things.  Which I am super thankful to have this blog which allows me to do that!

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