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February 4, 2016

PRANA Coconut Chips!

I have another post for you about PRANA Organic goodness (I love this Canadian brand! - check out my recipe using their chia seeds here).  This time its their coconut chips.  As a lover of all things coconut, I was absolutely thrilled when PRANA reached out to me again to give these chips a try.  They come in 4 homemade original flavours, all named after popular dances from around the world!  I'll admit when I first heard some of the flavours I was a bit hesitant but they all get a thumbs up from me.

Having tried coconut chips before, I knew the Original would be delicious.  These are packed full of coconut flavour, so if you're not a fan (my father) don't reach for these ones.  I also want to test out using these in a recipe or two... so stay tuned!

Next up, Charleston aka BBQ flavour.  This is the one that through me for a bit of a loop when I first read the flavours.  BBQ coconuts?  But it works, although my least favourite of the four.. I think I could see myself reaching for these when I have a craving for BBQ potato chips (yes, that's a thing).

The third flavour is Hula, which includes sea salt and cracked black pepper.  Another slightly bizarre combination in my mind, but these ones are delicious.  They have that salty-sweet thing going on and that is probably my favourite flavour combination in the world.

Finally, my favourite of the bunch is Jive.  Coconut chips flavoured with chilli and exotic spices.  Think a coconut milk/thai soup.  Little spicy but not too much for my weak palette to handle.  Spicy and coconut just works, and these chips are no exception.

If you want more information about this brand and its products feel free to visit their website .  Or follow them on Instagram @PranaBio and Twitter @PranaBio

Thanks to @dvcomms for the opportunity to try out these delicious coconut chips!

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