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March 18, 2016

Erin Condren Planner and Etsy Sticker Haul

I think I have fallen down a very slippery slope.  I was first introduced to the #planneraddict lifestyle through a close blogging friend of mine, Ashleigh from Murdock Talks.  Since then, she has won me over with her beautiful spreads and has even started her own sticker shop (more on that later).

I'll apologize in advance for the poor photos, the lighting in my apartment is absolute crap, I suggest going to all the sticker shops mentioned to get a better idea of the real colour of things.

Erin Condren planners have gone on sale for 25% off which I am assuming is because we are already in the month of March and the planners generally run from Jan-Dec.  With our Canadian dollar being so poor I was super hesitant to purchase but I decided to go for it anyway.  With this $10 off referral code, it at least took a little bit off.

I ordered the Pineapple Punch Planner in lagoon and I absolutely love it.  I got the vertical layout, mostly because that's what I've seen the most of and I like the look of it.

There is a small zip pouch in the back as well as a folder to stick extra stickers in and such so you don't lose them which I absolutely love.

After I had ordered my planner, I immediately went on Etsy and ordered stickers.  I wanted them to get here around the same time as my planner so I didn't end up with a planner and no stickers to start planning!  First stop was clearly Ashleigh's shop Murdock Talks.  I ordered a ton of stuff from her, because I am obsessed with pretty much everything she put up and I wanted to support a friend!  She was also kind enough to give me a generous discount.  If you head over to her Instagram (@murdocktalks) you'll find one for yourself!

I ordered her two monthly glitter kits as well as her Shabby Chic Floral kit which includes 5 sheets.  I picked up pretty much all the ombre checklists she had at the time (she now has way more up).

I then grabbed a bunch of her functional stickers.  I love the colours she uses and her designs are adorable.  I cannot wait to use the Easter sheet!

I picked up a few things from Michael's and Walmart just to save some money.  I wanted some nice felt pens and Michael's actually has a happy planner section where I got those little functional stickers.  Next time I'm there I will be hitting up the wash tape section.

Next I ordered some stickers from Sensibly Cute Planning.  She is also located in Edmonton so I thought it would be fun to support someone so local.  I ordered her St. Patrick's kit as well as her Geometric kit.  Picked up some checklists as well because I figure you can never have too many of those.

Another Canadian shop, who I found through Ashleigh is My Planner Nerd.  I grabbed her watercolour kit, spring floral kit and those adorable kitchen aid stickers!

Paisley Prints Co  is yet another Canadian shop (represent).  Her single stickers were way too cute for me to resists.  I got wine bottles, mail trucks, televisions, computers, coffees and cupcakes!

Finally, from across the pond I ordered from Stickel Co.  Her kits were a little smaller than I was expecting but how cute are those teacups?!  (kits I purchased were Pineapple and the Navy and Coral)  I will have to pull in a bunch of other stuff to fill these weeks, so I am not sure why she calls them weekly kits.  But I guess I should've paid more attention that they are only one sheet when I ordered.

One tip I have is before ordered stickers, check their social media platforms for discount codes!  Almost every shop has 10% off for their Instagram friends.

I will be posting my weeks from the month but probably with combine March and April since I only have two weeks in March.  Follow me on Instagram (@rmahxo) for my weekly spreads as I go!

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  1. Yaaay such a good haul! Thanks for the love & sorry (not sorry) for bringing you down the planning rabbit hole! ahah Erica from Paisley Prints Co is one of my favs, I have waaaay too many stickers from her! Can't wait to see all your weekly spreads! :)

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