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March 16, 2016

St Patrick's Day Surprise Inside Cupcakes

I have a long over due cupcake tutorial for you guys, special for St. Patrick's Day.  I've done a similar cupcake a few year ago but this one has a twist (a surprise inside!)

The Irish flag!  To do this you'll just need a regular cupcake pan and one of these handy inserts from Wilton.

Take your favourite vanilla cake recipe, and take 3 1/2 cups out into separate bowls to dye the colours of the Irish flag.  Dye the remaining batter brown by adding a couple tablespoons of cocoa.  Put your insert in your cupcake pans (after you've placed the liners in) and layer the coloured batter in order of the flag.  Fill around the outside with the chocolate batter and carefully pull out the insert.  Bake following normal instructions.

I topped with Bailey's buttercream which is my absolute favourite special icing I think.  Just replace the milk with Bailey's in your buttercream recipe (maybe add a bit more) and you're all set.

If you make these be sure to tag me on Instagram or Twitter: @rmahxo

I hope you enjoy your St Patrick's Day!

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