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April 20, 2016

5 Ways to Ease Your Coachella FOMO

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With weekend 1 of Coachella over, maybe some of the FOMO you've suffered has passed over, but if you're like me, tomorrow or in the next few days it's only going to come back with full force since weekend 2 is approaching us quickly.  Today, I'm sharing with you some of the things I do to keep my FOMO at ease.

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If you don't know this already, the festival has a killer live stream happening on YouTube.  Simply go to where there are 3 live stream channels.  Now, not every act is streamed but majority of them are on there and they are killer quality (pending your internet connection).  You'll be able to see the sweat gleaming on your favourite artists' faces better than you ever would if you were there in person.   If you scroll down the page a bit you can even plan out your own viewing schedule of all the acts they have going on.  My faves of the weekend were Sia (AMAZING), Ellie Goulding and James Bay.

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 If you're internet situation isn't on point enough to watch the live streams, another option is to hop on Spotify or any of your favourite music streaming sites (8tracks, etc.) and listen in to other people's Coachella playlists.  I've had these playing on my phone while studying nearly all week.  Simply search Coachella on there and listen away!
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Snapchat has got your back with a basic girl flower crown filter... I've had this on all my snapchats I've sent pretty much all week... #guilty.

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Some of my favourite bloggers/youtube/celebrities are at Coachella.  I like to tag along with their adventures through their Snapchat stories and vlogs.  Some of my favourite YouTube vlogs from weekend one are Alex Wassabi vlogs (with his girlfriend LaurDIY), and Aspyn + Parker.  Some Celebs with the greatest Snapchat stories were Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell and Kylie Jenner (her rainbow hair was goals).

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Coachella can be your inspiration for all the upcoming summer trends.  Although festival fashion can be a little more risky than what is acceptable for everyday it's still fun to browse through all the styles people are experimenting with.  I do this mostly through Instagram and Pinterest, but there are many other websites that round up their favourite looks you can also peek at.
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via Instagram @showmeyourmumu
Cheers to festival season!

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