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April 28, 2016

April 2016 Planning

If you follow my blog you know that I recently got into the planning game.  This will be a monthly post, but I thought I would share with you my spreads for each week.  This one will include a few extra from March since I received my planner in mid-March.  I also have shared some of the stickers I bought from Etsy here.  I use an Erin Condren Life Planner in the vertical layout in case you're curious.

My first week just happened to include St. Patrick's Day, so I ordered a kit from Sensibly Cute Planning and went with it.  I thought it was cute for my first try, but I'm not a huge green person and there was a lot of white space.

The next week was Easter.  I used my friend Murdock Talks adorable Easter kit for this week's sidebar.  I loved the pastel colours and cute added on flowers, Easter eggs and bunnies to stick all over the pages.  The green and pink weekly kit is from My Planner Nerd.  I thought it was pretty amazing how these two kits pulled together so well.

The following week was my birthday, but the kit I had ordered didn't make it in time so I went with a full weekly kit from Murdock Talks.  This is her Shabby Chic Floral kit and I love the colour combo. Her kits seriously include everything you could ever need.  I only added a little bit of wash tap from Michael's to some of the spaces.

So about 3 weeks in, the urge to design my own stickers had set in so hard.  Being a graduate student I don't have the money to buy a Silhouette cutter right now but I did buy some sticker paper and give a go at cutting them out by hand.  So if you're wondering why this spread looks so wonky it's because I sat in bed watching Netflix and cut these all out.  Maybe one day I will continue to bug Ashleigh with my millions of questions about designing stickers, but until then this was my first attempt.  Let me know what you think.  (OneBrokeStudent was my old blog name and is currently the name of my Etsy shop that's what I used.)  I loved the mountain theme I went with and pulled in some of Ashleigh's functional stickers (Murdock Talks) to round out the week.

After that being so much work and a bit of a failure, the end of the semester caught up with me and I went back to the kits I had on hand.  This kit was the first one I ordered. It is absolutely gorgeous and from My Planner Nerd.  Watercolours are just so beautiful.  Some of the functional stickers on there like the laptop, TV and mail truck are from PaisleyPrintsCo.
Coming into the end of April, the birthday kit I ordered along with three others including this bloom kit from PlannerSisterSticker finally came in (they're located in the states that is why shipping took awhile to get to me up here in Canada).  Their kits are huge!  They come on full sized paper and I honestly think you could get two weeks out of their kits if you used a bit more white space.  The sunflowers along the top are washi tape from Michael's and a few stickers from PaisleyPrintsCo again.  My favourite part of these kits are their little mason jar hydrate stickers!  LOVE!
Finally, I am taking a break from the bright colours and going with a neutral theme this week.  This is from Sensibly Cute Planning again (YEG love ya'll).  Her kits are on the smaller side but work great for planning with white space.  I love how this turned out!
If you are looking to get into the planning game, you can use my referral link to get $10 off your order!
As for discounts on stickers, definitely check out the shops on Instagram.  They will usually have one in their description box or post about on going sales they have!  If you want to see my weekly spreads as they come, be sure to follow me using the links below!

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