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May 4, 2016

Kylie Cosmetics

If you've been living under a rock, you won't have heard about Kylie Cosmetics.  If you haven't you know that they are the most hyped cosmetic launch this year.  They continuously sell out in minutes and are nearly impossible to get a hold of.  I was finally able to get the two shades I had my eyes on (after watching countless swatch videos).  I got my hands on Posie K and Koko K after a couple tries.

KoKo K is a pinky nude, it's the lightest shade in her released mattes and I am in love.  It does darken up through the day but it also doesn't budge through drinking or eating.  It is actually quite difficult to remove when you actually want to remove it.  They have a sort of bizarre sweet vanilla cake type of smell which I am not crazy about but don't hate either.

Posie K is a pinky mauve.  It is a little darker than I was anticipating but I still really love the colour.  Same scent and wear time as KoKo K.  I will mention that the packaging of the liquid lipstick has a problem with the stopper, tons of product ends up on the wand and all over the top of the tube (apparently she has fixed this for following launches).  Also the lip liners are great and very smooth but that also means they use up very quickly.  Two applications and I had to sharpen already.

After missing out on the products a couple of times, I went on the search for dupes.  I couldn't believe how close this one is, although not any cheaper - Sephora retails for $23 and the lip kits are $29 (but include lip liner and liquid lipstick) it is much easier to get your hands on.

Have you guys bought into the Kylie Jenner Lipkit hype?  What's your favourite shade?  I am excited to see if she branches out from the lip colours and moves to other products.

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  1. I love how both of these look on you! Shame about the lip liners, but I find generally I do run through lip liners pretty quick.