Google+ That Flour Child: February 2017

February 27, 2017

I'm on Snapchat!

As a small segway into what I hope will take my blog content into videos on YouTube, I have decided to dip my toes in the water by starting a snap chat for my blog.  I will be posting unboxing videos, make some get ready with me or what's on my face type videos in the morning and just general behind the scenes.  Like I said, there are some big changes coming so I hope you will all hang on for the ride while I figure this stuff out!

My username for snapchat is the same as my twitter and instagram (to keep it simple): @rmahxo

or you can add my by my snap code here:

Hope you're having a wonderful day!

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February 22, 2017

BITE Beauty - #TheLipPencil

BITE Beauty has done it yet again with another amazing formula in my opinion.  These lip pencils are super soft and easy to work with.  They currently have 22 shades and I was lucky enough to receive two of them from Influenster to test out.  They sent me the shade 020 (which pairs with their amuse bouche lipstick in Honeycomb) and shade 044 (which pairs with their lipstick shade Whiskey).

February 13, 2017

Welcome Back....

It's really been quite awhile since I've been blogging.  I don't have a lot of excuses other than life took over.  I picked up a second job which has been keeping me incredibly busy and I have just found it so difficult to get even a decent photo of products I've wanted to write about.  Here in Edmonton it gets dark before I even leave my day job at 5, and my apartment is in the basement so I hardly have sunlight on a good day.  When I get home, it's been pitch black and all I have to work off are the lights in my apartment which give everything a yellow tint.  I refuse to post something I am not happy with, and I apologize to the brands waiting for review posts but I didn't see it fair to post crap photos of your amazing products.  This weekend I made a point to catch the 3pm sunlight that comes through my window and take some product shots.  I will get back on the posting train asap.  I have a lot of exciting things coming up as I finish up my Master's degree and I hope you keep you all in the loop.

Sorry for being so absent and stay tuned for new posts this week.

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