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February 22, 2017

BITE Beauty - #TheLipPencil

BITE Beauty has done it yet again with another amazing formula in my opinion.  These lip pencils are super soft and easy to work with.  They currently have 22 shades and I was lucky enough to receive two of them from Influenster to test out.  They sent me the shade 020 (which pairs with their amuse bouche lipstick in Honeycomb) and shade 044 (which pairs with their lipstick shade Whiskey).

Here is shade 020 + Honeycomb on my lips:

Sephora describes this as a 'beige nude' and that's exactly what it is.  This is a great nude shade although I usually prefer my nudes more on the pinky side, this formula is so comfortable on the lips and I could see myself using this shade of lip pencil under a ton of my current lipstick shades!

Here's shade 044 + Whiskey on my lips:

Sephora describes this one as a 'rich mahogany.'  It's a brown shade with a brick red in it, I was surprised that I actually didn't mind this shade.  I wouldn't wear it every day but it is fun for a certain time and place.  Again, the formula is spot on for this shade, it applied evenly and easily.  It feels amazing on the lips and I think it would be fun to play with this shade under some more red coloured lips to really deepen their shade.

BITE posted a photo to their Instagram. Which gives you the perfect Lip Pencil + Amuse Bouche lip pairings if you already have a favourite shade of their lipstick and want a pencil to match.

I hope you guys go check out BITE Beauty, they are one of my favourite brands and Canadian!  They are also rolling out these insane Prismatic Pearl Creme Lip Glosses that I can't wait to get my hands on.

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