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February 13, 2017

Welcome Back....

It's really been quite awhile since I've been blogging.  I don't have a lot of excuses other than life took over.  I picked up a second job which has been keeping me incredibly busy and I have just found it so difficult to get even a decent photo of products I've wanted to write about.  Here in Edmonton it gets dark before I even leave my day job at 5, and my apartment is in the basement so I hardly have sunlight on a good day.  When I get home, it's been pitch black and all I have to work off are the lights in my apartment which give everything a yellow tint.  I refuse to post something I am not happy with, and I apologize to the brands waiting for review posts but I didn't see it fair to post crap photos of your amazing products.  This weekend I made a point to catch the 3pm sunlight that comes through my window and take some product shots.  I will get back on the posting train asap.  I have a lot of exciting things coming up as I finish up my Master's degree and I hope you keep you all in the loop.

Sorry for being so absent and stay tuned for new posts this week.

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