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March 1, 2017

Chorus Supernatural Skincare

This is such a long overdue post and I want to start off by thanking Chorus for being so patient and understanding!  Chorus Supernatural was kind enough to send me three of their products to test out and I have certainly taken my time trying them all out!  Chorus Supernatural is a skin care, body care and wellness company based in Vancouver, BC.  They are a 100% naturally-sourced company so you can be sure that everything is absolutely safe for your body!

First up is their luxurious hand cream.  This stuff has honestly saved my hands over this harsh winter in Alberta.  My hands have been so dry and this lotion has helped so much!  It also does wonders for your nails which is an extra plus for me since mine have been seriously struggling lately because I went through a small shellac obsession.  I'm not crazy about the scent that it has, it's very floral and just not for me, although it does fade quickly so it's not a huge deal.

Next, my favourite from what I received is their moisturizing lip balm.  I love love love this stuff, I keep it in my bathroom beside my toothbrush and apply it every morning while I do the rest of my makeup and after I take all my makeup off, before I head to bed.  This lip balm contains almond oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter and smells of spearmint.  Such an amazing, affordable product, definitely prefer this to Burt's Bees.

Finally, their Purifying Foot Cream.  I don't normally use a lotion specifically for my feet, I just rub body lotion into my feet while I am moisturizing the rest of my body.  When I read the ingredients on this cream (avocado and coconut oils, tea-tree and eucalyptus) I was eager to try it out.  This has left my coarse heels and balls of my feet super soft.  The eucalyptus scent is exactly what I would expect a foot cream to smell like.  I really enjoy this product when I remember to reach for it!

If you are looking for other products by them, you can find them all on their website:  They also have a blog on their website which links to other reviews by other bloggers of lots of their other products if you're interested!

You can also find them on Twitter and Instagram.

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