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March 15, 2017

Sephora Sheet Masks - Face and Eyes

Is it just me or is the Sephora cosmetic line having a major moment?  Either they've stepped up their game or have put more effort into advertising and now I'm just more aware of the options.  Regardless, I am loving it.

This winter (which doesn't look like its ending any time soon) is seriously killing my skin.  I have never had just a dry face/hands/skin in my life.  My face has been so dry that my face has been flaking off even after I've applied moisturizer, primer and foundation.  Since moisturizer wasn't cutting it, I decided to pick up some sheet masks.  I got these when Sephora had their 20x the points event on skincare awhile back, so I have had plenty of time to try them out.

Each mask has it's "thing,"  for example, the Avocado mask is Nourishing & Repairing, while the Pomegranate mask is Anti-fatigue & energizing (just what a grad student needs!).  I think my favourite is definitely the Rose mask.  I was sort of worried about picking this one up since floral scents are not my thing and I was a little worried that type of scent might set my skin off instead of calming it down.  But this mask definitely adds moisture to my face and I feel so much better afterwards.  There isn't really a rose scent at all so that was definitely a relief.

I also grabbed some eye masks while I was there because I always have such bags/dark circles under my eyes and I absolutely hate them.  I apply a cream under my eyes at night but I figured it wouldn't hurt to give these a go.  I find I love to use them before an Oilers game, getting ready.  It's nice to have that extra anti-fatigue boost after a day of work/school and before a big game!  They are a little big for my eyes but that only means its working on a bigger area so it's all okay with me.

Be sure to grab one or more of these next time you're online or shopping at Sephora, there are tons of options and they also have hand and feet masks as well.  I love the bright fun packaging that makes its super easy to know which one you're grabbing and what their benefits are!

If you try these out let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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