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May 18, 2017

TRAVEL - Sanibel Island 2017

My family has been staying on Sanibel Island since before I was born.  I have been lucky enough to go almost every year since I was five weeks old.  This place is very near and dear to my heart and I wanted to share with you some of the photos I snapped while I was there for a week.  I needed a break from the real world and bought a last minute ticket to join my parents down there, so the sole purpose of this trip was to relax.  Most days include sitting by the pool, walking on the beach and hitting a few shopping spots or restaurants.

One thing to know about Sanibel is that it is the shelling capital of the world.  You will never see as many seashells anywhere else.  Every year it blows me away.

Anywhere on the island can be reached by bicycle and the odd year we make the trek to the lighthouse on the east tip of the island.  Most of the island is also preserved land and can only be seen by travelling along the biking trails.  As most of them are tree covered it gives us something to do when the afternoons get too hot.

This year we also popped by the farmer's market which is located at the library on Sunday mornings. Everything you could want was there from fresh bagels, tons of fresh fruit, food trucks, soaps, sauces, guacamole and other things to nibble on or take home for later.

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