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September 15, 2017

ZOELLA BEAUTY - Jelly and Gelato

Zoe Sugg aka Zoella does it again with another beautiful beauty collection.  This one super summer appropriate but I think the scent works all year round!  The packaging as always is a beautiful, the pastels and metallic accents are perfect and bring back memories of a retro ice cream stand.

FarleyCo was kind enough to send me these products to test out, and I honestly died a little bit when I opened the box to see a note from Zoe herself!  It really goes to show how hard working and caring Zoe is about every product she releases.  If you are located in Canada and want to get your hands on the collection, you can do so through this link: or head to London Drugs yourself.

The PR package also came with this cute little lounge chair, which I saw pictures of Jenna Marbles putting her hamster #ad in and although I don't have a hamster, I did set it up for pictures with the cute little pop up gelato truck.

Now onto the products,

Shower Shake: Think shower gel meets body cream.  This stuff foams up like any body wash would but is thicker and creamier than others, leaving your skin super smooth (it reminds me of the Dove coconut milk body wash I used to use).  This was the product I was really hoping to get my hands on, the elderflower and pomegranate scents sounds heavenly and definitely are!  I love a moisturizing body wash and THAT PACKAGING that looks like a little milkshake.. I mean... come on.

Pink Bath Wafer: Now that I finally have a bathtub again, I was super excited to see these.  With the same scent, these little wafers fizz up your bath to help brighten, smooth and tone your skin.  I love that it comes in an easy to break up shape so you can use as little or as much as you want!

Shower Sauce: This is more of your standard shower gel.  Same great scent but not as moisturizing as the shower shake.  Still love the packaging and the scent so I will be using this when I run out of shower shake!  If you like something a bit lighter, this would be the one to go for, not sure you need both body washes unless you're obsessed with the scent!

All these products are available at as well as some of her past collections!  It also looks like these products are all on sale at London Drugs for the time being so hurry out!
Here's her full "menu" of the collection:

I also can't wait for the Snow'ella collection to come into stores here!

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